Monday, 21 November 2016

Singular & Plural

We add ‘s

Monday, 31 August 2015

Speech joseph levi

“Get lost before i punch you in the face!.’
‘Oops. That wasn't very nice!’
If YOU don't know about bullies you SOON will.

What do bullies do.?

Bullies like to get into fights, actually bullies like to fight. They think they are tough and rough but they’re NOT!! Bullies like to make weak people cry. They never bully children bigger than them, they choose little people who do what they want.  Bullies like to pick on other people. and they love to call people names to hurt them. Like for an example, if i call you a HOMELESS PERSON!  It hurts!  

Bullies tell people not to tell anybody when they do something to them like….. take their lunch, like wearing stuff that doesn’t belong to them……. like doing bad things..  They say things like,
‘If you tell on me I’m going to smash you!’
How do I know? Because that was me when I was young.  I use to make other children cry…. I use to be mean to people…… and I use to make children do things like ‘pick up my jacket!’ or make people do my work for me.

That WAS me….. but not anymore!

Bullies can change the way they are acting. ‘Yes you can, because if I can change, you can change too. Bullies should change right? Aren’t you sick and tired of getting into trouble?
When I was 7 years old  i got bullied by someone in my old class.  He called me a ‘monkey’ and i got so angry i said, ‘you egg.’  The next minute I punched him. and I couldn’t stop.
We both got into trouble. and had to go to timeout.  That day on i learned to ignore people. Another time someone tagged me and i was out. I punched him into the wall. That day i had to sit and write words in the corner. That  day i learned to keep my hands and feet to myself.  
I realise that when I was a bully that i only had 2 friends and both of them were bullies too.

Are you sick and tired of being a bully.?
Are you tired of having no friends?
Then, stop being a bully.  Stand up for what is right.
We can all choose what's best. And my choice is to spread more friendship and to be a better person.!!!

Tell a teacher or an adult if someone is bullying you.
And you bullies? Do the right thing and start to change your attitude.  You guys can be a nice person!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Working with Fractions

Today we had a maths session and we were solving problems with fractions. This is a recording of our maths lesson in the Numera group.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

all about me joseph

About me i like to do games and do some homework i realy love to read.and the stuuf i dont like doing is cleaning up the house i realy love mums name is taino my dads name is joe.
my name is laseana my sisters names are vaoita and hinemoa my brothers names are JJ and best teachers are mrs keys and mrs haden and my best frends are taelase and latisha and sailalelei and harriet
latisha. and  my best food is tuna and rice and my teacher mrs key said that we never slam our
chromebook down and she said no holding it
  in one hand. the colour of my hair is black.
the colour of my eye is brown. my best movie
is mighty med and good luck charlie. my
cosines name is lau kj. i like to sleep. i
sometimes do some homework. at church
we sing songs and do prayer and the

preacher dose preaching i sit down next to my grandma. and when the preacher is done we all go home and have a nap. when we wake up we all go and have some cereal and then clean up the house. and then do homework and we have a little play outside and then we have morning tea and after we all have a nap and when we wake up we have dinner then we go to sleep and my mum wakes us up and says we have to go school and at school we use chromebooks and on our chromebooks we go on documents and go on writing and send them to mrs key we love our chromebook and when it is home time we put our chromebook our  cearfuly into the chromebook bag we have to look after our chromebook because if we break it our mum and dad has to pay for it. our chromebook is like your mum and dads laptop. on your chromebook you can do some writing and homework we have to treat our chromebook with respect. you must never spell un kind words because on teacher dash board the teachers can see what you are doing like mrs keys and mrs noxt and mrs haden and all the other teachers so dont do it.we use chromebooks because we know how to look after it and if i am in doubt i will ask my mum or dad or teacher on my chromebook i am not going to tell my friends my password i will keep it completely secret. i love my family i have to respect my family too i listen to them and we also have to listen to our nana and papa because they will smack you that is Just like me if I don’t listen to my nana  i get a big smack and if i lie to my papa i get a bigger smack and i hurts. my best drink is milo every night i go and have a little drink of water and go back to school my friends help me spell the words i cant  spell. I always learn lots from them. at home we clean up and do a little play outside and then do some homework and then we eat diner then sleep and  then we wake up and brush our teeth and then my mum packs my lunch.